Give a warm welcome to Mateo, the second Marsh Tacky foal to be born on Daufuskie Island in decades. He arrived six days after his half sister Estelita, yet he has surpassed her in size since day one! His dam is Carolina Moon and he is the second offspring for both “Mama” and his sire, Lowther’s Lucero. He has a brave and curious personality and already has proven to love running, bucking and snacking on Spanish moss. As his name implies, he is a product of the horses being evacuated together for Hurricane Matthew and he is truly a gift from God.

The first foal to be born on Daufuskie in some say four decades is here! A blonde filly with a perfect dorsal stripe, white socks on all four feet (just like her Daddy) and a tiny star on her forehead was born on Friday morning, November 10, 2017. The sire is Lowther’s Lucero and the dam is Reina, who has proven to be a natural for her very first time as a mother. It’s apparent now that the first foal to be born on Daufuskie in decades was conceived when our herd was displaced together at Melrose for Hurricane Matthew – our filly is a living, silver lining to the storm! Would you like to give in support of this historic occasion? There are many ways to be involved! Please click to donate through our website, or contact us directly.

The history, culture and heritage that the Marsh Tacky represents belongs to all of us and it should be shared by everyone!