Our mission is to protect the critically endangered Marsh Tacky horse on Daufuskie Island through breeding, training and sales plus educational and special events programming.

Thank you for visiting us. Founded in 2015 and proudly maintaining our 501c3 charity award status since February of 2016, we are a young, grassroots organization striving to grow with a focus on quality, not quantity. We are seeking volunteers, students, college interns, board members, community partners and corporate sponsors who share our passion for saving and celebrating the Marsh Tacky. This horse is about so much more than meets the eye, the history, heritage and legacy that it represents for Daufuskie Island and South Carolina belongs to all of us and it should be celebrated by everyone. We welcome you to contact us!

Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society

281 Old Haig Point Rd
Box 87
Daufuskie Island, SC 29915

Call/Text — (843) 290-9119


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The history, culture and heritage that the Marsh Tacky represents belongs to all of us and it should be shared by everyone!