Great holiday memories were made during the annual Daufuskie Island Christmas parade! Mustang Sally and Rosie were champs and tolerated their festive decorations and the parade crowds without batting an eye. We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. Extra carrots and candy canes in the stockings for these two this year!

Give a warm welcome to Mateo, the second Marsh Tacky foal to be born on Daufuskie Island in decades. He arrived six days after his half sister Estelita, yet he has surpassed her in size since day one! His dam is Carolina Moon and he is the second offspring for both “Mama” and his sire, Lowther’s Lucero. He has a brave and curious personality and already has proven to love running, bucking and snacking on Spanish moss. As his name implies, he is a product of the horses being evacuated together for Hurricane Matthew and he is truly a gift from God.

The first foal to be born on Daufuskie in some say four decades is here! A blonde filly with a perfect dorsal stripe, white socks on all four feet (just like her Daddy) and a tiny star on her forehead was born on Friday morning, November 10, 2017. The sire is Lowther’s Lucero and the dam is Reina, who has proven to be a natural for her very first time as a mother. It’s apparent now that the first foal to be born on Daufuskie in decades was conceived when our herd was displaced together at Melrose for Hurricane Matthew – our filly is a living, silver lining to the storm! Would you like to give in support of this historic occasion? There are many ways to be involved! Please click to donate through our website, or contact us directly.

The boundary survey has been completed, the skid steer has arrived to the job site and will be here on a weekly rental basis, our dump trailer is here, the property is being cleared, new foundation block material has been delivered and our building materials list is being put together. Progress is being made at Selmont Farm! If you would like to contribute to our progress on this major capital improvement project please click to donate or contact us directly!

We are thrilled to announce the next Marsh Tacky foal to be born on Daufuskie in decades is on the way!

The cornerstone of our mission programming is being accomplished!

Would you like to sponsor the first Marsh Tacky foals to be born on Daufuskie Island in decades? Our organization has dedicated a majority of our resources this year to ensuring that we are prepared for the successful delivery of the newest members of our family. Veterinary bills, building and fencing materials, pasture land clearing, cost of labor, special supplies, special feed, all of these things have been paid for out of pocket by Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society with the help of your donations. Please consider a recurring monthly cash gift or a gift certificate to Tractor Supply today, and you will be added to our VIP list for invitations to meet and greet our new foals.

Made possible in part by the Lesesne Family and Preservation South Carolina, thankfully the “baby room” is ready! At the end of the dead end dirt road with a stunning Intracoastal Waterway and sunset view, we have fenced in a few grassy acres and built a brand new foaling shed.

The property is currently part of Preservation South Carolina’s Daufuskie Endangered Places Program and welcomes guest rentals through Airbnb. You can stay at the charming and historically significant Hinson White Cottage and as an added bonus, enjoy the company of Marsh Tackies grazing with a foal frolicking around in your front yard.

We will have streaming video, status updates and public visitation hours posted as they become available. In the meantime, please keep in mind that the property is under video surveillance, the fencing is electrified, and it is private property.


Welcome to Selmont Farm, the new, permanent home of Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society. This major capital project, established in July 2017, has been made possible by a private partnership with the Selmont Family.

The most significant part of the project is the restoration of the historically significant Simmons House. Pending the new Beaufort County Bailey Bill application as well as additional partnerships with Preservation South Carolina and the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, once the restoration is complete the home will feature office, retail shop and Marsh Tacky Museum space, plus overnight accommodations for staff, interns and vacation guests.

New property improvements will include a 2-stall barn, pasture, fencing, a citrus orchard, native seasonal gardens and an apiary. Every effort will be made to reclaim and reuse materials from the property and to maintain its existing character. The floor plan and existing paint colors of the home shall be preserved. Care has been taken in planning so that routine activities at Selmont Farm incorporate composting, recycling and reduction of energy consumption.

This project broke ground in August of 2017 and is projected to be complete by spring 2018.

You can have a hand in developing the permanent home of Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society. Now is your chance to participate in preserving one of the last remaining historically significant Gullah cottages on the island so that it can have new life in perpetuity dedicated to preserving the critically endangered South Carolina State Heritage Horse. There are may ways to give and be involved, and your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We are in need of building supplies, machinery, equipment, appliances, etc to complete the Simmons House restoration. Once completed, our organization will be self sustaining! High profile naming and sponsorship opportunities are available. CONTACT US TODAY!

Daufuskie Island is an attractive vacation destination for its unspoiled natural surroundings, colorful character and pristine, uncrowded beaches. It is one of the last remaining places on the south east coast where horseback riding on the beach is allowed, and where the vast majority of the island is accessible by horseback. In many cases, especially after Hurricane Matthew, the most beautiful places on Daufuskie Island are accessible on foot or by horseback alone. Riding horses on the beaches of Daufuskie Island should be a bucket list thing for all equestrians. We will be offering a variety of guided horseback riding tours beginning Summer 2018. Also beginning Summer 2018, you can stay at the charming Hinson White Cottage, where there are overnight accommodations for your horses, too. Check back here or sign up for our newsletter and get updates when the Hinson White Cottage becomes available. When you vacation with us, a portion of your proceeds goes to Preservation South Carolina and Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society, so you can feel good about spending that extra night on the island.

The added costs and logistical challenges of running an equestrian facility on Daufuskie Island are huge. Our team utilizes their personal equipment, years of experience and working relationships in order to manage the ongoing needs of our horses successfully. Everything must be barged or ferried across which requires planning ahead and always having back up in case of an emergency situation. Some days are almost too crazy to stand it, but the rewards of having our SC State Heritage back in their historical roots on Daufuskie Island makes it all worth it. We are always seeking volunteers and donations of equipment such as tractors, trucks and trailers to add to our fleet. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Thanks to everyone who has gone out of their way even in the slightest to help us fulfill our mission of promoting and protecting the Marsh Tacky on Daufuskie!

The history, culture and heritage that the Marsh Tacky represents belongs to all of us and it should be celebrated by everyone!