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As the only charitable organization out there which is maintaining Marsh Tackies in their native habitat, plus has has a welcome policy to the general public for viewing the horses, fulfilling our mission will not be attainable until our Marsh Tacky Museum is established.

We need your help to accomplish our goals for the Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Museum and Simmons House restoration. You can contribute to our efforts with cash or in kind donations of building materials and equipment today. Join us in creating a lasting legacy which celebrates and preserves the unique character and tacky history on Daufuskie.

The historically significant Simmons House at Selmont Farms is currently undergoing restoration. The vision for the property includes a museum space which visitors can tour to experience first hand why this little horse has made such large contributions to the history, heritage and development of South Carolina.

If you have an item which helps us to record and document the horse’s history on Daufuskie please share it with us.

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The history, culture and heritage that the Marsh Tacky represents belongs to all of us and it should be shared by everyone!