Next Foal on the Way

We are thrilled to announce the next Marsh Tacky foal to be born on Daufuskie in decades is on the way!

The cornerstone of our mission programming is being accomplished!

Would you like to sponsor the first Marsh Tacky foals to be born on Daufuskie Island in decades? Our organization has dedicated a majority of our resources this year to ensuring that we are prepared for the successful delivery of the newest members of our family. Veterinary bills, building and fencing materials, pasture land clearing, cost of labor, special supplies, special feed, all of these things have been paid for out of pocket by Daufuskie Marsh Tacky Society with the help of your donations. Please consider a recurring monthly cash gift or a gift certificate to Tractor Supply today, and you will be added to our VIP list for invitations to meet and greet our new foals.

Made possible in part by the Lesesne Family and Preservation South Carolina, thankfully the “baby room” is ready! At the end of the dead end dirt road with a stunning Intracoastal Waterway and sunset view, we have fenced in a few grassy acres and built a brand new foaling shed.

The property is currently part of Preservation South Carolina’s Daufuskie Endangered Places Program and welcomes guest rentals through Airbnb. You can stay at the charming and historically significant Hinson White Cottage and as an added bonus, enjoy the company of Marsh Tackies grazing with a foal frolicking around in your front yard.

We will have streaming video, status updates and public visitation hours posted as they become available. In the meantime, please keep in mind that the property is under video surveillance, the fencing is electrified, and it is private property.

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The history, culture and heritage that the Marsh Tacky represents belongs to all of us and it should be shared by everyone!